Thursday, August 31, 2017

Daywand – Oblong Jokes (2017)

  • Dub rock 
  • Improvised music 
  • Experimental rock 
  • Avant-garde
  • Alternative 
  • Electronic music 
  • Neoclassical

Comment: as much as I have understood this set of 8 tracks is produced by a man called Dylan Anderko. Besides, as much as I have understood this is the first issue by such a fabulous imprint as Restless Life Syndrome being commented at RMH. However, I did not have figured out for a long time what kind of music had been running through my aural channels because all of that is studded with the incessant flow of turns and dodges and because of that the whole seems to be so volatile to get the focus on. It used to make it everywhere and therefore having no certain place and shelter. From dub inflected rough and slowed down rock chords and offbeat electronic whirlpools to smouldering synthesised electronic rhythms and cut-up vowel effects to organic concrete music sounds. Something Alive is certainly Anderko's the most poppy composition based on a fairly catchy hook. Is it going to live and get an indie music (minor) hit? Come On Down gives me a welcome hint to arrive after a while at such an obscure neofolk/neoclassical artist as Art Abscons from Germany. In a word, it is a tremendous wave of interesting sounds and compositions. Just keep holding carefully spot on it.
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