Thursday, July 20, 2017

Phasetron – 7=5 (2013)

  • Alternative rock 
  • Blues rock 
  • Hard rock 
  • College rock

Comment: at the Daydream Generation (it is a whole universe of very intriguing combos) site it is admitted this album is quite unusual with regard to differentiation in style. Indeed, these 11 compositions are quite far away from more and less quirky folk genre being extensively represented via CLLCT, Quixodelic, and Daydream Generation (all these sites have frequently been or had frequently been joint platforms for the same issues). Phasetron's issue is enough hirsute and powerfully galvanised to get instant attention. It harks back to classic rock tradition of getting energy from muddy and dirty blues rock even if many songs are balladry inflected and slowly paced ones. On the other side, it can stand for contemporary college rock influences which used to water down a little bit its ferocious facade. Instead of it I would like to hear more stoned and demented garage and garbage induced madness. However, the combo's choice can be understood as a possibility of realising slots within the music. Moreover, it will open the doors to enter into AOR stations. So partake of something.
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