Tuesday, July 18, 2017

FailedSitcom – Of Life's Declivity (2010)

  • Lo-fi 
  • New Weird America 
  • Free folk 
  • Freak folk 
  • Weird folk 
  • DIY 
  • Electronic 
  • Singer-songwriter

Comment: this bunch of 11 short-running tracks represents a modern folk scene called New Weird America being seminal throughout the 00s. At the end of the decade one of the juggernauts of this style Animal Collective went into clear-cut poppy electronic music so you can see influences coming from the previous years before it. Audibly there are up plucked strings mixed up with sublime male singing, mellifluous glockenspiel chords and sweet electronic progressions. Its rustic and simplistic approach reminds of music under such DIY-based platforms as CLLCT, Daydream Generation, Quixodelic Records and Rack And Ruin Records. By famous kindred souls this Sam Durkin's outing can be compared with CocoRosie, and Vashti Bunyan. Much has changed since then but we can remember for it with bittersweet nostalgia. Its lyrical message can be pessimistic but musically it is a pleasing experience. Get his another issue, called Her Blameless Mystery as well on the same link.
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