Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Number Eleven – Autism (2017)

  • Techno 
  • Experimental techno 
  • Avant-techno 
  • Abstract techno 
  • Avant-techno 
  • Electronic music 
  • Industrial techno 
  • Post-industrial

Comment: Autism is the Lithuanian artist's fourth outing on Electron Emitter. Autism as a condition (though it is disputable) is considered on a wide spectrum. By its nature it is related to enormous potential and on the other hand it is related to tremendous disability. However, on one peripheral side of the condition is a state called savant. It pertains to human beings who can lead their lives normally yet excelling at languages, and applied sciences with pure mind and also enormous premiss and will to work off. The only shortage related to them is their low capability to be empathetic. In a word, the emotions are something they are not able to understand. Although human beings by the aforementioned characteristics they seem to be quite similar to the definition "robot" in a way. Our society is highly specialised and it will be even more and more. It needs more and more people who are autistic to excelling at doing one operation/action/thing. We do not need feminists, LGBT activists and the so-called humanists anymore, we need less feelings, at the lowest degree actually; we need more processors, more microscopic chips, more artificial extremities to result in elegantly shaking sleek machines while being productive at the highest degree. The influence of The Smiths`s lyrics will be succumbed. I am not Human and I don not need to be loved (anymore). No, it is not a hate speech, it is the sober calculation. Number Eleven's 11-track outing is robotic in its monotonous routine based on spacious offbeat rhythmic structures and at the same time having the state of mind of getting signals from outer space. One can hear hirsute cadences and elemental electro progressions and noisy sonic chips and eerie shadows and halcyon synthesised upper layers which used to result in an ominous atmosphere. At times some layers are clearly accelerated with regard to the pace of others, at times they are decelerated, at times they produce a sense as if being subjugated to an incisive abrasion. Could it be considered the enhanced disorder as one of the titles suggests? It correlates very well with getting signals from an abyss of outer space. The signals are falling over one's head. Does it mean something good for the human kind or not? Does it mean something altogether? In fact, the story is old and it can be considered a notch from the sequel of Autechre created cerebral techno tradition. However, Number Eleven's approach is to add more neoclassical and post-industrial frequencies to the melting pot in comparison to the legendary Manchester duo. Top notch by any means. Your life is here to be... .
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