Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Barsand Mars – Teen Smiths Pizza (The Bars Version) (2015)

  • Electronic pop 
  • Chiptune 
  • Tracker music 
  • Synth music 
  • Chipbreak 
  • 8-bit 
  • Bitpop 
  • Nintendocore 

Comment: Susu Ultrarock Records is a part of an imprint conglomeration called Indonesian Netlabel Union. Of course, there are represented the wide range of miscellaneous audible things within it. The recent issue is a frantic shift between wobbly 8-bit breaks and Nintendo intended rhythms produced on The Commodore 64 and catchy synthesised melodies and arousing harmonies (in fact, obviously being tapped out on The Commodore 64 either). The issue embraces 7 tracks yet being very short-running – just eight minutes and a half minute in total. On the 21st of May (by the way, the birthday of Kevin Shields, the frontman of MBV) while listening to it in early morning it makes difference for me. I think it will make difference for the upcoming mornings and afternoons and evenings as well. The issue is an example of music which may be considered to be produced on primitive, even infantile hardware by contemporary standards yet the music chimes agelessly. Get it and eat that pizza.
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