Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Scouts Of Uzbekistan – Hate Is Our Religion (2016)

  • Post-punk 
  • Avant-rock 
  • Experimental rock 
  • Space rock 
  • Improvised music 
  • Doom rock 
  • Ambient

Comment: my choices regarding music commented at Recent Music Heroes are sporadic and with no specific intention. so I can admit the fact I am back again at the discography of Year Zero Records of which aim is to provide cutting edge sonic appearances of different predilections. And when it happens to you you can consider yourself a lucky you because it usually happens to be a mind-provoking experience. This time Scouts Of Uzbekistan provides guitar-based experiments through the glimpses in post-punk, space rock, improvised music/rock though it used to embrace elements of more styles in overall. Minor, glowering bass frequencies are intertwined with loose sounds of kit drums and other parts of the drums. At times one can perceive ill-omened, diabolical energy pouring quite invisibly from the restrained yet effect providing slots. In many cases the tracks are embellished with mutant vocals and eerie echoes wherein you can track down dormant anger and lurking flashbacks behind it. It is a sort of reversed psychedelic thing, it is blackened psychedelia. It is fairly sympathetic to enjoy rough yet honest sounds of the rehearsal room. Yet I Am The Alter-Destiny is a beatific ambient impression demonstrating the artist's ability to move in disparate directions. All in all get it into your soul. Get overwhelmed. Do not hesitate for asking it. That's the thing.
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