Friday, May 5, 2017

Nunun – Inner (2017)

  • Post-rock 
  • Indietronica 
  • Experimental rock 
  • Ambient rock 
  • Improvised music

Comment: after a span of five years and the album Seven Mirrors the duo Nunun (Cesare Discepoli – guitar, effects, and Massimo Discepoli – drums) are back again with a 32-minute issue called Inner. Partly it is improvised music, partly it seems to be a determined outing wherein one can enjoy spacey landscapes where shaky sounds of the drums and drum kits are mixed up with volatile synthesised strings and over-driven guitar chords. Of course, it is just a main line on the issue but one can discover more templates which used to describe the release. Murky moods are variegated with more silver-tinged lines, slowed-down compositions are to be replaced by more fast-paced numbers. The issue is a part of the discography of Acustronica. A solid issue.
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