Saturday, May 20, 2017

Copy Wrong #1 (2012)

  • Avant-garde 
  • Experimental 
  • Plunderphonics 
  • Harsh noise 
  • Grindcore 
  • Sampledelic 
  • Non-music 
  • Electronic music 
  • Sound collage 
  • Leftfield 
  • Freeformfreakout

Comment: by Wiktionary the term “copywrong” does mean the unethical use of, or disregard for, copyright law. Indeed, this miscellany of 13 tracks by 11 artists (or 12 artists because one of the artists is tagged as unknown and by Luxurious Dagger there are up a couple of tracks) is an example of how popular music can be changed into something peripheral and extreme being heavily mutilated, slowed down and excessively mixed together (for instance, J-pop-based light-hearted harmonies are interlaced with harsh noise torrents, or Luxurious Dagger`s version of The Beatles` Come Together is thoroughly ravaged, or different styles used to play from the both channels at the same time or being switched on and off incessantly. There are also up weird samples, barely audible sonic layers as if being thrown into water. Reality around an average listener is substantially warped and changed into mayhem. There are represented such artists as Ben Presto, Public Domain, noiseoftherose, Luxurious Dagger, MBD, Captain Missouri, Third Organ, Ryder Farms, Hat Goblin, Otto V. Rhino, (o)†hers, and The Implicit Order. This miscellany is represented by Eye Machine Recordings. I guess ideologically a purpose of this issue may be related to capture some basic pop values and employ them ridiculously to derail the mainstream control and intention to manipulate with the people in a certain way.
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