Sunday, April 9, 2017

Niko Niko! – ePop029 (2012)

  • Indie pop/rock 
  • Alternative pop/rock 
  • Twee pop

Comment: the first remark of mine about this 4-notch outing is related to its tamed and silent nature. The listener should remarkably crank up volume to partake. Musically its roots seem to come out from the cute, twee pop-tinged Swedish indie pop scene (Acid House Kings, The Concretes, Billie the Vision and the Dancers, The Mary Onettes) which was particularly popular in the 00s. Earlier influences used to hark back to the 60s folk music. Cute male vocal lead, retrodelic keyboard sounds and droning, chiming guitars and bubblegum-ish bass patterns which purpose was to entertain the listener. On the other side it is unpretentious to develop indie music as a phenomenon. It is not the sort of Stereolab and Tortoise-alike ambition to cross its borders with every subsequent outing. However, those ditties are solid ones, for example A Lifetime in the Sun is a blissful shimmer dedicated to the spring. The outing is a bit in the discography of the Norwegian-based EardrumsPop. Niko Niko! Is the solo project of Bergen, Norway-based Nickolai Nilsen.
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