Thursday, March 30, 2017

J. Oskura Nájera – Phil Spectrum (2016)

  • Dada pop 
  • Electronic pop 
  • Leftfield 
  • Dance pop 
  • New Wave 
  • Synth pop 
  • Art pop 
  • Neoclassical 
  • Avant-pop 
  • Alternative dance 
  • Surf pop

Comment: this 12-notch issue clocking in at a 27-minute only is a witty comment on electronic pop music. It involves a loads of “obligatory” styles as synth pop, (electronic) dance pop yet there are represented more post-punk/rock/New Wave-tinged numbers as well. In truth, the styles are not represented in pure format. Furthermore, the artist is inclined to find out supportive points from darkened/neoclassical electronic music, uncanny cabaret and art pop styles. In such a track as La niebla acecha BSO one can draw parallels upon the likes of Messer Chups/and Messer Für Frau Müller, and Man or Astro-man? because those ghostly synthesised high frequencies and sheer electronic effects and surf pop-based elements (especially at torbellino de ostias 02) are intermingled with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. The latter fact of the last mentioned sentence can be admitted about The Facts In The Case Of The Hypnocoin BSO because the frantic first half of the track on synthesisers is merely followed by austere bleeps in the second part. Indeed, music is united with the manifestation of nothingness though all the impression comes into a mind-provoking substance. Indeed, it could be said some seeds of dada pop are represented over there. The issue is a part of the discography of Barcelona, Catalonia-based imprint NYAPSTER. Fairly fine.
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