Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Walla Recovery – A Star, a Star (2015)

  • Indie pop/rock 
  • Alternative pop/rock 
  • Conceptual 
  • Chamber pop 
  • Xmas songs 
  • Baroque pop

Comment: they say they (as a quartet) are cello folk combo from Texas, USA. By listening to this 13-track Christmas song miscellany the statement is a partial-truth because they exploit additionally keyboards and guitars as well. Of course, the expression “cello folk” may frighten an indie music lover. It might be he/she starts to think about some rigid classical music oppressed artists or sombre Apocalyptica, or something like that. However, by listening to these fabulous new arrangements of Christmas songs and smooth permutations in chords and volatile solemn easiness it reminds starkly of Sufjan Stevens (and his set of Christmas songs being released some years ago at Noisetrade). In a word, beef up your mood with these 51 minutes on 25th December. In fact, it would function at any time. At least the experience of mine proved it. And Jesus would like it.
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