Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sean Nicholas Savage – Magnificent Fist (2016)

  • Blue-eyed soul 
  • Alternative pop 
  • Indie pop 
  • Soft rock
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Psychedelic pop

Comment: I can remember for it happened approximately 4-5 years ago at a small indie festival at Killingi-Nõmme, Estonia called Schilling nearby the natural environment when I was enjoying a performance by the Canadian troubadour Sean Nicholas Savage. It was fascinating because of seeing barefooted Savage walking and at times sitting down while singing at the stage in late night being predominant and staggering with his voice which used to expand everywhere being just accompanied by one guitar. It was one of the most impressive gigs I had ever seen. And it is true to recent days. The Montrèal-based artist is being sonically active to have released CDs, LPs, tapes and digital items under Arbutus Records. Yeah, SNS does have his own idiosyncratic style to have expanded and developed over the years. His ascetic and spartan blue-eyed soul is full of emotions and enchanting soulful resonances and one can perceive his flickering longing while singing about love and his love towards music /Music saved my life that's why I wanna spend all my time doing music/music gets me high that's why I wanna spend the rest of my time doing music/music saved my life so many times/. Indeed, I guess Music is one of the finest direct dedications to a most exquisite branch of art. In truth, your own thoughts and experiences get transmitted back to you in a spirited way. It touches very closely all those of us being addicted to music and sonic design. However, this is just one great ditty among others within the outing. Maybe it is even more honest to conclude about the albums of him as wholesome fists of compositions which used to hit the listener (by the way, Montrèal-based artists like to employ the fists in their music, even if those are the skinny ones with regard to GYBE!). It will live up to your expectations even given that you could expect from it before to start listening. It could be said he is one of those contemporary indie stalwarts with Connan Mockasin and Soft Hair and partly Kevin Parker from Tame Impala and in recent days even Kurt Wagner from Lambchop who have developed soul mannerism and added new threads and twists to it within the indie music scene. In a word, it is a subsequent great listening session by him and support him by buying his vinyls, tapes and CDs and digital files.
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