Sunday, January 29, 2017

NuLix – 4RE00LA EP (2010)

  • Ambient techno 
  • Alternative dance 
  • Deep techno 
  • Club dance 
  • Dub techno 
  • Cinematic 
  • Nu jazz 
  • Broken beats 
  • Jazz house 
  • Ambient dub

Comment: NuLix is a Croatian musician/producer/recording artist, Robert Selimović also being known from such groups as Kafkaesque Orchestra, R.U.R., and Random Angels. The issue is a part of Bulgarian imprint Fusion Netlabel and it is an example at its finest on the imprint. If you have been having a keen interest in (deep) techno music and cinematic soundscapes and nocturnal vibes being mixed up with contemporary jazz segments then I am very sure an eargasmic experience will be guaranteed for you. More profoundly, at Space Donky the slippery rhythmic shuffle is vamped up by a velvety, nu jazz/acid jazz-based synthesised whine atop. The chilliest span within the issue. The self-titled track is a profound glimpse inwards based on wobbly, volatile keyboard sounds and a placid yet bold rhythm. Safree [intro] is even more immersive and spacious full of magic from the transcendent spheres. In principle, the same could be said about W.D.W.G either though being a little bit infected with expansive dub seeds. Rattlesnake is to be explored through the prism of dub and being spiced up by upright kick drums and reversed syllables. Spark is a tech-electro outlet though in the terms of Selimović undoubtedly. More concretely, it is something which likes to keep moving across the planned pathway, at the same time gravitating toward a glitch-hop and house mixed electric field. In a word, these 23 minutes are simply the best. 
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