Sunday, January 15, 2017

Jeff Bennett – Doubting Faces EP (2004)

  • Tech-house 
  • Club dance 
  • Alternative dance 
  • Deep house

Comment: I am sure it was a happy period of time in the beginning of the 00s when such labels as Epsilonlab, Thinner, Kahvi Collective, Autoplate, and Monotonik started off to develop a new, net label-based platform for the club oriented scene. For example, there is up Jeff Bennett with three compositions full of trance-y magic being conjured up by monotonous yet enchanting techno influenced beats in the vein of house music. Frequently the techno influenced vibe will be jettisoned for more deeper and nocturnal vibrations. It is far more than just a collection of tracks - it is the feeling, it is the mood. It is the superimposed quality of variegated beats and sublime softened synthesised chords and synergy pouring out of it. For me, it reminds of those times approximately 20 years ago when club music, especially deep house, and drum and bass were those styles which would influence me profoundly. Top tier, for sure. The issue was the first release in the discography of Montrèal-based imprint Epsilonlab.
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