Friday, November 11, 2016

Damn Robot! – Derp (2016)

  • Post-rock 
  • Indie rock 
  • Art rock 
  • Alternative rock 
  • Epic 
  • Ambient rock 
  • Electronic

Comment: behind the project Damn Robot! are Rob Honey, Tom Honey, and Jamie Brett from the UK and their 3-track outing is driven by massive guitar threads, ennobling synthesised penumbras with upper bright chords, and vocal based variations of sublime female vox and her turns and mechanical syllables as if coming out from the throat of a robotic amazon. I do not know what does it mean derp but I would like to think of it to be the unknown analogue to this music being electronically tickling and providing enough impulses to the listener's nervous system. Musically it includes basically hints at a classical indie compartment and piano driven and massive guitar outbursts on post-rock. For instance, at There's That Word Again the listener can perceive a dignifying crescendo which can be a good accompaniment for an epic motion piture, especially at the fadeout phase of the movie. Indeed, the issue is a solid one and recommended for all those who fancy post-rock. Consecrate it! The issue is apart of the discography of Winchester, UK-based Hawk Moon Records.
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