Friday, October 14, 2016

Team.Radio – Summertime (2011)

  • Dream pop 
  • Alternative pop/rock 
  • Indie pop/rock 
  • Shoegaze 
  • Post-rock 
  • Psychedelic rock 
  • Avant-rock 
  • Experimental rock

: these five pieces do introduce the listener into autumnal sadness, especially the opening, self-titled track of which beauty pours lavishly over one's centres of sensation because of chiming in a cinematic way due to those intermingled male-female voices and bucolic synthesiser-drenched progressions atop. French Doll is something between Lush, and The Sundays, where deliberately dormant emotions are awoken by witty chord changes and an acidic keyboard key. Vegas reminds me of the Russian indie juggernaut Motorama at its most light-coloured moments. However, it is not Motorama it is Team.Radio and it is their special delivery. Come On is a thoroughly dreamy number with regard to elliptical chord developments (especially in the second part) and hazy female vocal delivery. Albatross is the finishing composition and the quartet's aesthetical apotheosis through combining power and chaos, systemization and tenderness, tension and relaxation. Thereof it is not surprising at all this 13-minute piece is the most post-rock-esque moment within the album. Furthermore, regarding the downright experimental final part of it this is the counterpoint to the rest of the issue. All in all, it is a great issue in the discography of the Brazilian Sinewave.  
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