Sunday, September 4, 2016

Tutan Come On – Tutan Come On (2013)

  • Hard rock 
  • Doom rock 
  • Trash metal 
  • Hair metal 
  • Hair rock

Comment: it might be problematic to say much words and columns about this 9-track issue because it seems to be rolling upwards and then downwards, then upwards, and then upwards the mountain's slope in a powerful key. On the other hand, it is an intriguing listening because one is thrown in the middle of a burbling whirlpool of lively vocals done in Basque, those heavily pummelling drums and sometimes doom-ish guitar induced colours and thumping basses. Indeed, it is quite unusual to listen to this campy hair metal tinged falsetto with those sooty drenched guitars at the same time. You know, there are up some topics like love, women, cars and sleek clothes represented excessively, i.e. resulting in kitsch. Indeed, it induces an amusing and thereof positive resonance within me. Fortunately the virtuosity by the band members did not kill fun within it. It chimes like a group of hair rockers from the 80s having accidentally found themselves in the time machine and landed in the 10s.
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