Friday, August 5, 2016

Mega – Scanner (2008)

  • Alternative dance 
  • Dub 
  • Electronic music 
  • Deep tekno

Comment: I am pleased to be back at the discography of Proc-records (proc041), and the recent issue is a two-track issue by Mega, called Scanner. There are represented lots of rhythms, spaced-out synthesizers and shades of dub-inflected and electronic origin. These rhythms are set up at a mid-tempo range. The dub influences are prominently put forth at Autumnscanner though later it will be intermingled with catchy tekno rhythms. The second track Abstinent Freakno is more about deep tekno shuffling with microscopic noises as if a track coming silently through the hours between the night and early morning. Because of that the outing can be considered as the sort of music, which used to be played late at a party. In a word, the result is a solid drift between arousing rhythms and laid-back milieus. Get it to insert it into your home system. 
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