Sunday, August 21, 2016

Egrojj – Gambling EP (2014)

  • Minimal techno 
  • Tekno 
  • Remixes 
  • Dub house 
  • Club dance
  • Alternative dance 
  • Tech-electro

Comment: fur sure, this 9-track outing is an intriguing one, where Egrojj`s compositions are interestingly remixed. The content of these tracks is emptied by emotions thereof allowing more space for rhythmic permutations through minimal approach. Indeed, the listener can follow the rigid, austere rhythmic patterns with quite static electronic and stereo effects, however, providing a dynamic and vivid background for the rhythms. Mostly the release runs in the vein of techno music, though there are up dub house frequencies and slight tekno and electro inflections either. Catchy basses are represented in the way to arouse one’s legs to shake up and down and one’s jaw to shift in a similar way. After having listened to this issue many times in a row it induced the philosophical question: what is the emotion by definition and ontologically? Is it a phenomenon, which either exists separately on its own or is it quite something that is either a relation or en effect between the subject and the object? The more you listen to it the more you can trace down of how sublimely it is panned with perceptual experiences. It is a great issue indeed, being a notch in the discography of DAST Net Recordings. Egrojj is assisted and remixed by his (imprint) buddies the likes of Eduard Colin, Flatch, THE WEB, Serious Cut, and Strehm, Mortus Inc. .
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