Monday, July 18, 2016

Testicular Seizure – Sinister Gore (2009)

  • Goregrind 
  • Death metal 
  • Dark electro 
  • Brutal metal

Comment: This 6-track issue makes me feel psyched because the US-based trio entitled as Testicular Seizure bombards us with death metal and goregrind liquids, by executing it in a very intense, obtuse and loud way. By stylistic characteristics, it is slightly slowed down and at times this massive sonic waterfall being conjured up with low bass thudding, frantic drumming and visceral, rotten vocals are jettisoned to replace it with angular dark electro and electronic music (for instance, Middle Intro, and the final part of Fuck Up the Pedophile). Frequently the issue chimes like a couple of tracks would have replayed at the same time. It makes difference undoubtedly even in the goregrind and death metal scene and within the discography of Torn Flesh Records. Of course, given that you are intended not to horrify your kids do not play it for them. It is an uncompromising protest against a part of bad things related to the humankind.
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