Sunday, July 24, 2016

Irifune – Loomur (2011)

  • Folktronica 
  • Indietronica 
  • Organic electronica 
  • Alternative 
  • Drone pop 
  • Organcore 
  • New Weird 
  • Free folk 
  • Weird folk 
  • Epic 
  • Art folk

Comment: this 7-notch is an issue of the discography of Totokoko imprint from Japan, which predominantly is being a platform for indie and folk and mellow electronic mixed songwriting. The same could be admitted about this issue. More profoundly, one can hear drowsy melodica-based drones, lone string plucking, hovering electronic motives, poignant semi-orchestrations making your soul bleeding (at Cinematic Twin Leaf, for instance). In fact, all the other compositions have been made in a similar vein though inner relation between the aforementioned elements might be different. At times the composition is complemented with psychedelic organs and fragile singing and found sounds thereby giving a feeling as if sitting on the bench nearby the picturesque woods of emitting otherworldly energy and power. At times you will fall into sleep, dreaming uncanny stories with sprites and faeries. The outing is quite austere but any chord of it is adeptly drawn and made visible. Any detail makes sense. The release is short-running thereof I would have liked to hear more from the artist.  Ultimately it could be admitted it is a bloody great issue. Get it.
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