Friday, June 10, 2016

nccptr – Antipodes (2013)

  • Post-metal 
  • Drone metal 
  • Doom metal 
  • Drone doom metal 
  • Avant-metal 
  • Post-rock
  • Electronic music 
  • Epic
  • Experimental metal

Comment: nccptr is an one-man-project with former metal music background from Portugal whose 27-minute opus is an instance of slowly droning metal and daringly loping post-rock interludes with unexpected interruptions and “errors”. By listening to it for the first time I checked out my music player to except erroneous bugs within it. However, this is still a case of faith. Given that I believe that the music playing system is ok and all is related to the album. Those “errors” are downrightly electronic and incisively sharp thereby remembering those that come from the tracker music scene and digital hardcore landscape. The purpose of the artist is to investigate disquietude and hopelessness with higher level of abstraction. Despite those tickling overthrows one could experience ennobling guitar progressions in a span of a couple of minutes, between the 19th and 21st minute, which is followed up by the climax of the final part through warped noises, crippled electronics and stereo effects and a powerful guitar noise outburst. At times one could perceive synaesthetic sensations as if listening to an colourful picture. All in all, the result is overwhelming and making highly sense. The issue is a part of the discography of Danny Kreutzfeldt-led imprint Drowning.      
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