Monday, June 13, 2016

Dead Black Arms – Slow Burning Ocean (2010)

  • Drone doom metal 
  • Doom metal 
  • Post-metal 
  • Experimental metal 
  • Minimalism 
  • Avant-metal

Comment: this issue consists of one, long-running composition, which slightly embarks on from nothing, then stepwise evolves being cranked up in volume and added up with slamming drumming and distorted, warped hi-hats. Indeed, the result is craftily composed therefore it might be considered a mystified issue. However, it is feint. With regard to the title of the track it reminds me of horrendous sea catastrophes being caused by the human race and oil tankers. For example, the one what happened in the Gulf of Mexico 6 years ago. Because of this it is not fun at all. Fuck off, those droning doom chords resemble hundreds of thousands dying sea birds and fishes and mammals who are killed by the human being's brain as allegedly the most sophisticated object all around the Universe. The bad thing is this is just a little part of all the atrocities perpetrated by us against nature. No respect, no humbleness, just arrogance and exaggerated self-confidence mixed up with stupidity. It is both against the own species and other species as well. Just watch daily TV events to get proof against. All is being set up in flames directly and indirectly. There is no future. The only positive thing in relation to the human race is to create art in different appearances, which provides hope and some salvation. These 32 minutes created by Danish Claus Haxholm over there are thought for it. This is a great issue under the experimental metal imprint Drowning. 
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