Sunday, June 5, 2016

Animal Collective – Live at Irving Plaza (2016)

  • Freak folk 
  • New Weird America 
  • Free folk 
  • Post-psychedelic electronica 
  • Live recording 
  • Experimental pop 
  • Art pop 
  • Weird folk 

Comment: Animal Collective's gigs used to be energetic and burbly ones, which are available at and the same words could as said about the recent, 15-track issue. The Baltimore, US-based quartet issued brand new album Painting With in the beginning of the year on Domino, which seems to sound polyrhythmically and being galvanised with vowel effects to conjure up psychedelic sensations as much as I was able to hear from this gig. Something very special could not be found from except FloriDada. Business as usual I would dear to say because AC seems to have reached its aesthetical limits. Of course, since Merriweather Post Pavilion AC changed its direction to be more electronic and dance appealed rather than New Weird-oriented as their previous albums used to be. So one could admit AC did not invent something new and I do not feel myself psyched at all to get the new one. Indeed, much has changed around them and us and it is hardly exciting to expect truly refreshing breezes from there, as it was actually reasonable 7-16 years ago. However, the recent gig consists of old and new compositions and fortunately the combo has found a proper balance between them. By the way, the live started off with Alvin Row, and Bees and the session involves the favourite track of mine by Animal Collective, Loch Raven. Insofar as AC is not planning to revisit Estonia I shall have to regret that I did not attend their live at Lillepaviljon 10 years ago.
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