Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mircanto – Esercizi di Statica (2011)

  • Alt-folk 
  • Indie folk 
  • Slowcore 
  • Folk indie 
  • Sadcore

Comment: for me, to listening to Bergamo, Italy-based trio Mircanto`s 9-track issue obligates me to draw parallels with cooking. Thereafter you have figured out the idea of a food and you have gathered relevant ingredients to accomplish it then you will prepare it stepwise by adding one ingredient followed by another. By doing it you have to be patient and concentrated. Their music is slowly meandering between the walls of doleful, melancholic singing obviously imbued with singing (unfortunately I have no idea they are singing about because of doing it in Italian) and softened guitar and piano playing. Yet throughout the course the result is getting growing and growing by either adding some odds and ends to the mix or slightly changing the course of the compositions (for instance, by adding some melodica and harmonica sounds and found sounds to the blend). I guess if I would not have the idea that behind the album is a trio I would have been thinking it is a singer-songwriter case. Today is Sunday and vividly shiny weather and Mircanto`s music together arouse idyllic sensations inside me. In a word, the result is a solid and delightful one and can be added to a list of other succeeded Italian artists like Nick Rivera, Il nostro Tempo Violenta, Nick Rivera; Goldaline, My Dear, Barbagallo. On the other side, the result can be compared with certain Americana artists like Bon Iver, and Okkervil River.       
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