Sunday, May 29, 2016

Micron – Architecture (2007)

  • Minimal techno 
  • DIY 
  • Lo-fi

Comment: the US-based Micron's 5-track issue chimes like it had been produced on the Android-based Walk Band application being elegantly primitive and appealingly rough. However, timely it was not possible because the issue was disclosed in 2007 before the era of smartphones started off. Furthermore, the artist exploits a quite linear way to produce rhythms. Otherwise it could be said it is a case of minimal techno music. It is saturated with slight changes regarding the beat rate and the relation and combination between thumping bass kicks and hi-hat and other drums with higher timbres. A distinctive thread of the issue is a DIY feel throughout the course. Last but not least - the issue was recorded mono. What else could I add to the item – indeed, the lo-fi men began produce techno music. The issue is the 15th in the discography of Proc-records.  
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