Thursday, May 19, 2016

JCAB - Underground EP (2010)

  • Minimal techno 
  • Experimental techno 
  • Remixes 
  • Avant-techno

Comment: minimally layered techno…minimal aspects of rhythms are solidly magnified…minimally laid down echoes and whiffs of industrial kind of music are represented nearby crunchy rhythms…bass frequencies of rhythms are variegated to make up a highly enjoyable assortment. All these excerpts reflect upon underground-like techno music, which is obsessive in its iterativeness and principal in uncompromisingness. There is the original track and a couple of remixes of it. Because of that the whole chimes like a signifier of infiniteness. Breaks. Great. Find it out. This is a shaker of cerebral life. Almost invisibly. Sorry – almost inaudibly.                
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