Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Egal 3 – Ruzzi EP (2010)

  • House 
  • Tech-house 
  • Dub house 
  • Remixes 
  • Club dance

Comment: In general, the formula of house music is quite understandable. Catchy, endlessly repeated rhythms (at least it seems to sound that way!) will slightly be changed throughout the course. Secondly, the style provides a game between the obvious and the remote (or the hidden). More concretely, I mean how those sleek, fragile cadences are related to indirect sonic aspects, which come through the sonic filters to us. Coming from a distance to nearby us. It does mean house music shifts one’s perception about room with you and around you. For instance, by listening to this 3-notch outing one could hear intriguing melodica samples and loops to be developing in one (mainly in the right channel). Furthermore, those vocal samples startle you because of chiming as if coming out from a nearby apartment. So be warned – before you start to listen to it you should be convinced about good relationships between you and the neighbours. Indeed, it is all about house music even if there are up hints at dub. It is a house carnival in the first place. Please take steps to be a part of it. The issue is a part of the Italian imprint Ruzzinet.         
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