Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dire Calamity – EP (2009)

  • EBM 
  • Cybermetal 
  • Darkwave 
  • Industrial electro
  • Synth industrial

Comment: there are represented 6 compositions with the total length of 9 minutes only. The issue is a part of the catalogue of Torn Flesh, which could mean something sombre and ill-omened. Indeed, all the formal appearances of it hint at it and dredge pessimism and misanthropy in one’s decayed soul. Musically it drifts between electronic metal, industrial electro/synth industrial and electronic body music. Those rhythms being appeared within it are not aggressive directly but ominous due to darkened atmospheric electronic keyboards and synthesised orchestrations. Behind Dire Calamity hides himself Joshua Ramirez from a death metal/grindcore band called Testicular Seizure.               
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