Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Anderlink – Spuren verwischt EP (2009)

  • Folk indie 
  • Indie folk 
  • Singer-songwriter 
  • Acoustic pop 
  • Alternative pop
Comment: by listening to this handful of German sung ditties by Peter Schuhmacher it could be said it is needed no much trickery and more harmonic and melodic intersections to make up a solid folk album. The issue thrusts with slow combustion and natural rolling to gather more energy throughout the course. For instance, listen to Ich Kann Jetzt Nicht Nach Hause Gehen, which is coated with sublime guitar twangs and velvety harmonics. Sturm, and Kleine Kleine Welt is supported by more other instruments than guitars in a slight manner. In fact, at Sturm one could hear a great, slightly abrasive noise effect in fact. In a nutshell, let’s get this issue and enjoy it. 
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