Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Transfer_ERROR – Out_KILLER (2004)

  • Industrial electro
  • Lo-fi
  • Ambient
  • Abstract
  • EBM
  • Avant-garde
  • Digital Hardcore
  • Noise
  • Rhythmic noise
  • Psychedelic
  • Drone
  • Non music
  • Art music

Comment: this bunch of 11 tracks starts off in my music player with the composition 58286788 which used to run in the vein of digital hardcore in general though yet there one could hear solitary brownish sonic shards and muddy audible glimpses giving the way to many branches elsewhere. Indeed, I am not wrong at all to suggest about the course of the release in that way. It is getting more obscure and getting more stoned being imbued with abrasive noises, glitch-coated atmospheric outputs, abstract noise imbued drones, ill-omened synth swirls and filthy lead motives in the meantime. All of that is amplified by low-end bass rumbles to jump in and out independently. On the other side, such composition as IRL taps into EBM-alike rhythms and ill fortune presaging buried chants, however, it might be the most “poppy” on the whole. Alt_ctrl_DEL is the favourite of mine because of somehow reminding of My Bloody Valentine`s outsider track Touched on Loveless by its dichotomous structure. The more you listen to this whole the more you will get involved in this frenetic buildup. It is very impressive statement by the Frenchman from Marseille, Laurent Mekka.
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