Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Day Of Extinction – Mutually Assured Destruction (2010)

  • Black metal
  • Symphonic black metal
  • Trash metal
  • Funeral metal

Comment: First of all, by seeing the title of this 3-track issue the first thought of mine was it was either a case of blackened metal or goregrind because having hints at misanthropy and destruction. Indeed, the opening track Black Sunrise in the mp3 player of mine is based on the fast churning of instruments supported by massive symphonic synthesisers and hissing feedback. The base used to be appealingly iterative just providing one loop from start to finish. It could be said it transcends its stylistic borders in an elegant way. The following track is In Loving Memory... where the tempo is decelerated and accelerated in different layers at the same time. Furthermore, later on, the composition will be adorned with bold yet slowed-down piano chords and an exquisite orchestrated whiff. The final piece is the self-titled one similarly to the first track being fast running yet demonstrating some tones lowered downward and on the other side there are up massively bumpy riffs and ridges thereby coming into trash metal altogether. In a word, it is a fabulous issue by any metal and conceptual standards.
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