Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Project Hypoxia – Disfigured Tales (2015)

  • Downtempo 
  • Trip-hop 
  • Art pop
  • Electronic music 
  • Breaks 
  • Alternative

Comment: Project Hypoxia comes out from Kaliningrad, Russia and Disfigured Tales is the fourth issue under the Japanese imprint Bump Foot. Unfortunately I have not listened to the first three albums yet but it should be done at least on the base of goodness of the current outing. More profoundly, this 8-notch issue is imbued with bold, crisp tectonic rhythms and velvety-dark synthesisers full of different semitones and tickling sonorous shades, there are up many samples from different eras and places worldwide (hints at bhangra and ancient Slavic music). In principle, it is trip-hop and downtempo music by stylistic definitions that does mean it is lurking in mood and labyrinthine in its compositions though its dream-drenched progressions are the best part of the issue. There are some intriguing dodges additionally – for instance, Mirror Mask that chimes like a more thoughtful Cocteau Twins. In a word, the result is fabulous throughout the course with some very special monumental glimpses.
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