Friday, April 29, 2016

Mais Valia – Mais Valia (2015)

  • Stoner rock 
  • Hard rock 
  • Post-rock 
  • Math rock 
  • Post-metal

Comment: the Brazilian trio of Ricardo Cezario, Alexandre Palàcio, and Vitor Martins used to play quite straightforward yet impressive rock music which purpose is to conjure up powerful chords from their basses, drums and guitars, cross them deliberately and then lay off something special from the mix. There is also another possibility to understand the Brazilian trio’s music. Their 7-track (clocking in at a 37 minute) album might be limited with a certain amount of chord combinations for to get shuffled with each other endlessly until the issue will be over. In that sense their aesthetic could loosely be considered a part of minimalism though played with the usual combination of the instruments in rock music. However, the listener could discover new shades and penumbras to be added with each new track. I like the idea that spawned in my head while listening to their longest track called Metropolis that the trio started off from a muddy, bedimmed soil to rave up their inner engines and then raise to heaven with a monumental trajectory. Last not least – how many cows are depicted on the cover print? The issue is a part of the discography of the Brazilian imprint Sinewave whose grateful purpose over the years has been to release new abrasive rock, noise and metal music from their country. NB! Today will come in Walpurgis Night so it is highly suitable to listen to this issue either. Hail to all witches
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