Saturday, April 23, 2016

Kria Brekkan – 2008-09-16 Lutheran Church (2008)

  • New Weird Iceland 
  • Avant-pop 
  • Abstract, 
  • Dream pop 
  • Live session 
  • Post-pop
  • Singer-songwriter 
  • Experimental pop
  • Art pop
  • Folktronica

Comment: Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir aka Kria Brekkan was previously known as a member of Icelandic combo Mùm of which first albums Yesterday Was Dramatic – Today Is OK (2000, Morr Music) and Finally We Are No One (2002, FatCat) are pure gold to listen for sure - it is a hypnotic blend of folk, electronic/glitch music and post-rock. These two ones are the issues showing no sign of aging even today. So get these albums for yourselves immediately if you do not have it yet. Roughly one year before this gig Kria Brekkan and her then-husband Dave Portner aka Avey Tare (Animal Collective) released an issue called Pullhair Rubeye on Paw Tracks for which they composed music to turn it upside down therefore. This time Kria does not get involved in such sort of capers. The result is a fairy-alike one in which one could hear her to chirp as if it were channelized through the mist being conjured up either by glass celesta or watery harmonium. At times one could track down more dynamic and cinematic bridges on the austere chords to create something astonishing and staggering. In a word, this session of a half hour is a truly interesting listening span.
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