Monday, April 4, 2016

Kinematik VKE – Placental Drops From A Gestating Sky (2014)

  • Illbient
  • Post-industrial
  • Avant-garde
  • Dark ambient
  • Sound art
  • Ambient drone
  • Epic
  • Experimentalism

Comment: this issue could be shown off as a nice exemplar of sound art music by considering that the artist exploits very intriguing approaches and a huge swarm of samples to create the craved result. However, Kinematik VKE as an artist has reached far more because these 20 minutes hide buried emotions within the whole. It might be seen quite paradoxical while the composition consists mainly of droning sounds which are at times adorned with accidental noises and metallic strikes. Furthermore, all the soundscape is highly intense and expertly accentuated. To explain the effect of the outing it could be assumed it is not music something of the sort where the sounds merely move on from a point A to a point B. Instead of it this used to develop vertically where many elements either will be progressing simultaneously or will be added at a certain time. It could be described as an example of polyphonic music where the woodwind instruments and violins are jettisoned in favour of abrasive hisses and murky threads which have been managed in the way to trudge at different speeds to alter one`s state of mind. Ultimately it chimes like an example of symphonic music, though an ominous sort of ambient music. It is staggering by any means.
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