Sunday, April 10, 2016

Helen Austin – A Few Songs of The Week (2011)

  • Indie folk
  • Singer-songwriter
  • DIY
  • Folk indie
  • Americana

Comment: Helen Austin decided to produce one song weekly since April 2009. After producing 51 tracks altogether she picked up twice a portion of tracks to release them on a CD, called Song Of The Week, and for new mixes, respectively. Thereafter Lee Rosevere chose 11 compositions for Free Music Archive from the rest of the whole. I have been listening to the issue for the last three hours to have only good words to say about this portion because of being so light-hearted, bucolic and pristine by its nature. All of that is principally created by using only gentle guitar twanging and mild singing where the artist craftily creates enchanting harmonies and chord sequences. Furthermore, one could perceive even cinematic flow within the tracks. Lyrically it is about to surface themes with a positive sense of life. Fairly nice.
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