Friday, April 8, 2016

Giant Gutter From Outer Space - Set Adrift (2016)

  • Math metal
  • progressive metal
  • Technical metal
  • Stoner rock
  • Crossover
  • Experimental metal

Comment: the Curitiba, Brazil-based duo Giant Gutter From Outer Space has been very active during 2016. Some days ago they released their third issue Stumm under Sinewave. Before it they issued Black Bile (Promo), and before that Set Adrift under Sinewave. This handful of tracks contains many elements pulled out from different metal and rock subdivisions. Instrumentally the punch is driven by heavy noodling of the drums and bass guitar, though it is not the noodling in the classical sense of rock and metal music. More profoundly, it does mean relentless key changes to be appeared throughout the course, a shitloads of dodges and plunges between stoner rock/metal, math rock, technical/progressive metal. I am quite provoked about the question – might it be the sort of improvised music or all these elements are previously rehearsed to be played punctually? The energy coming out from these combinations is another case of appeal. More concretely, it is not the energy of pop inflected music, it is quite murky, silent and glowering. Thumbs up!
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