Monday, April 11, 2016

Flying Species – The Second Flight (2015)

  • Tekno
  • Psytrance
  • Electronic music
  • Big beat

Comment: my first impression was not affirmative altogether to this 10-track issue because I did not get it – it seemed to be an average, even lacklustre (psy)trance, tekno and big beat tinged assortment. Later on, however, those groovy synths, darker droning undercurrents and pummelling rhythms started to swirl in my head throughout. It needs to get obsessively focused upon that one could notice all those catchy odds and ends which in fact provide additional points and extra value to the whole. Eventually one could admit he/she feels himself/herself as if either having gathered in the middle of a dance floor or searching for a cosy seat in his/her living room. It could be compared with an obscure textbook which one needs to read many times to finally understand it. The coverprint is truly nice. I guess it might be one of the most poppy issues under the experimental imprint Murmure Intemporel.
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