Friday, April 8, 2016


  • Trashcore
  • Punk rock
  • Hardcore

Comment: recently I had listened to an earlier radio show where one part was dedicated to music and especially to earlier live recordings of a famous Estonian punk rock, Psühhoterror. Similarly to the music of Psühhoterror the Indonesian AnnisaxGahar`s 9-track issue consists of short-running tracks being laconic and staggering in its nihilistic brutality and energetic chaos (however, those vectors are not set up against each other which would have cancelled the whole`s influence altogether – vice versa). More concretely, spasmodic guitars, rattling drums, hi-hat rumbling and desperate singing is the very base of the outing which would be the one and only vivid and viable appearance of punk music by my personal opinion. In truth, the sort of classic punk is not about the aesthetical side, it is about raw, destructive energy to come along in the first place (differently from the movement of post-punk, for instance). Indeed, shout your gutter out of your mouth! It to spot upon the titles of these songs then those are at times funny, at times misanthropic and environmentalist-alike (commit a suicide to save the planet; kill people to save the animals etc). And they do not care of the formal outlook of theirs - I have not sure at all what is the proper name of the issue and when it was actually released. In  a word, it is a convincing punkish shit. off! Sincerely. 
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