Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Unicorn Hole – Some Songs (2014)

  • Cybergrind
  • Electro-metal
  • Midicore
  • Harsh metal
  • Electronic
  • Ambient

Comment: this album could be called as a conceptual one as for progressive rock because of surfacing compositions with the same names though differing with regard to have the different parts within the 8-track course. On the other side, the first seven tracks all do have the same length – just one minute to run. Musically it is not progressive rock though rather being mechanically produced metal music being internally tagged as midicore. Indeed, it draws on machine-alike rhythms, anxiety loaded vocals, and electronic harmonic above the rhythms which in total could a little remind of chiptune/8-bit/tracker music. However, the ending composition You Could Have A Leg In One Hand And A Brerb In The Other is the case to turn all upside down – it is a fairly blissful glimpse by conjuring up the pictures from ambient music which could have some similarities with a late period Talk Talk, and some compositions of Durutti Column, for instance. The issue is a solid joint effort under such prolific and established labels as Torn Flesh Records and Kitty On Fire.
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