Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tropical Australian Stinger Research Unit – Ex Stinger EP (2008)

  • DIY
  • Lo-fi
  • Alternative pop
  • Indie pop
  • Electro-indie
  • Psychedelic pop
  • Bedroom pop
  • Acid pop

Comment: this 6-track EP reflects upon naivety and playfulness which was partly prevalent within the lo-fi and DIY compartment in the end of the 00s and the beginning of the 10s. Cheap synths, clumsy rhythmic setups, volatile singing and spacey guitar twangs constitute something magnificent which might not to have born due to the rough predispositions. Those synths atop the rhythms chime almost like the outcomes from an 8-bit/tracker outing. It is both hirsute and unagitated simultaneously thereby reminding a bit the C-86 movement in the mid-80s. I guess it was ironic faith in their doings with regard to the both movements. Of course, at the time the issue was released a few indie, psychedelic and free folk artists were able to surpass the influence and traces of untamed energy of Animal Collective. However, those traces could be harked back even more further to The Russian Futurists (Matthew Adam Hart), and even the Magnetic Fields (Stephin Merritt), and His Name Is Alive (Warren Defever), for instance. Traces of the aforementioned influences are especially up at Simple Things to Live By. The more you listen to the whole the more poppy and catchy it gets and more immersed one gets in it. I guess one of the secrets of it might be related to the fact of being freed from hi-fi hermetic, and quite predictable production. Let`s enjoy this lo-fi greatness having a notch in the discography of Rack And Ruin Records (rrr009). 
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