Sunday, March 27, 2016

Pilot Cloud – In Transition (2008)

  • Post-rock
  • Alternative rock
  • Epic
  • Post-metal
  • Shoegaze

Comment: Pilot Cloud is a project from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA which was embarked on in 2008 by Nick Biscardi, and Justin Lerner. Their 10-track debut issue straddles the border between post-rock, post-metal, alternative rock, between silent chord shuffling and highly pummelling instrumental developments and raved-up refrains, ecstatic singing and overwhelming crescendos. At Map, and Sounds of an Era shoegaze takes place to spread out and govern throughout five minutes. All these elements used to melt together seamlessly or being superimposed or followed logically by each other. Because of that the structure of the album is quite predictable, on the other side the duo is all about to act upon the rock music must have been – emotional and loud. Although it is an example of traditional post-rock sound it makes sense, especially in particular tracks like Star Redoubt, Map, Ex Astris Scientia, and Dead Satellite. These are the examples where the emotions and electricity are put into one another in the way to establish more staggering synergistic outputs due to more chord changes and dreaminess of a greater amount. Get it. 
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