Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Crew54 & CientifiQ - Slap Rapz (2010)

  • Hip-hop
  • Soul-hop
  • Rap
  • Urban music

Comment: Crew54 is a Texas-based duo consisting of G-christ, and M.O.S who at this time are supported by CientifiQ. The 10-track issue is an impeccable amalgamation of soulful and cinematic samples and an incessant torrent of rhymes and bouncy rhythms. The issue consists of the seamlessly bound details where any element does have a role to fulfil. By the way, they hint at the racial segregation which still exists in the US society in spite of being depicted as a relict problem in some propagandist Hollywood and TV series. Indeed, I push for to read the sociology based studies, for instance Gale Encyclopedia Of Sociology rather than just watching those truth warping motion pictures alone. On the other side, I might be wrong because of having no grasp to understand that there are up possible sketches of ideal world in the future to be depicted. However, For The People ft. CientifiQ, and We Make It Hard are such marvellous tracks over the place where everything is floating cinematically at the highest extent. This is a perfect, ideal sound. Furthermore, there are no slack pieces up at all. Life could be peachy and rewarding thanks to mind-blowing music. 
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