Friday, March 25, 2016

Cortical – Entropy EP (2015)

  • Math rock
  • Fusion
  • RIO
  • Technical metal
  • Jazz rock
  • Art metal
  • Space music
  • Art rock
  • Dark ambient
  • Avant-prog
  • Sound art
  • Crossover
  • Math metal
  • Progressive rock

Comment: Cortical is the project of David H. Tobing, the resident of Jakarta, Indonesia. His handful of pieces is a preeminent undertaking drawing on mathematically calculated rhythmic patterns, soaring guitar riffs and particular motives covering new grounds and plateaus. Tobing`s aesthetics used to hark back to fusion/prog rock old days, back to the Canterbury scene, for example. On the other side, do not forget the fact, it is an undoubtedly contemporary case imbued with the possibilities of digital sound processing. At times he jettisons angular structures in favour of pure ambient moments. To be exemplified, let`s listen to the rear part of Chain Reaction, and the whole streak of Citadel which is an example of proficient outcome between the superimposed elements of still life, droning industrial music, exquisite sound art, and ominous space and ambient music. Aliens are on the way to kill us, isn`t? In general, the listener can enjoy heavy thudding which is bound to magniloquent key changes and technical, sophisticated interplay between the drums and guitars. Being said that one could hardly believe it is to be entertaining to the highest extent. In a word, the issue could be showed up as a bar of ideal pop. This staggering issue is a notch in the discography of Yes No Wave, the Indonesian imprint.
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