Thursday, March 24, 2016

Coma Cinema – Posthumous Release (2013)

  • Singer-songwriter
  • Indie pop/rock
  • Alternative pop/rock
  • Americana
  • Chamber pop
  • Art rock
  • Baroque pop

Comment: I guess anyone of us has at least once brooded about which structural and aesthetic aspects of contemporary indie pop/rock and pop music in general would make sense enough to seduce new audience to its compartment. Given that an average modern indie/alternative combo`s album is a little exciting and quite predictable. By listening to Coma Cinema`s brand new one Posthumous Release I got partly answered to the question. More profoundly, orchestrated sounds in flux, exquisite electronic shades and penumbras which in turn used to dynamically magnify and invigorate, there are represented noisy guitar torrents variegated with melodic Americana incantations where the male vocal timbre is supported by female deliveries. However, this would not be enough to get accomplished because motley needs additional factor melted into an organic whole. This could be either catchy lead motive or mesmerizing harmony progression in the right place or a bunch of proper relationships between the elements to conjure up a synergistic sonic fist. Fortunately Mat Cothran caught it. This 11-track issue involves no notches which could somehow fall short. Furthermore, there are up a handful of compositions of being fair earworms (Satan Made a Mansion, White Trash VHS, Bailey Jay, Burn a Church, Lee (Columbine High Harmony). Of course, he has practised music much enough to get the recent result properly. Undoubtedly his former four issues (three albums plus one EP) were also good ones but this issue obliges. 
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