Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cagey House – Stations Alive (2013)

  • Post-classical
  • Art music
  • Electronic music
  • Experimentalism
  • Hauntology
  • Sampledelic
  • Avant-garde
  • Experimental electronica
  • Sound collage
  • Psychedelic

Comment: Baltimore, Maryland, US-based resident Dave Keifer aka Cagey House has produced much music since 2005 under different netlabels of whom many still exist and some of them do not anymore. During his 11-year tenure it seems to me he has influenced many artists through his special experiments. For instance, most notably these threads could be heard on Oneothrix Point Never`s album R Plus Seven (2013, Warp) reminding very strongly of Keifer`s albums like 1902 (Bump Foot, 2009), and B For Breakfast (Bypass, 2010), for instance. The recent 7-notch issue was outed on under Japanese imprint Elegirl in 2013. He continues to strengthen his wondrous metaphysical world through sonic and stylistic permutations where warped yet delicate electronic movements are imbued with film noir dark tinged shades and ghastly seeds as if taking place in a remote, isolated place after the doom. It chimes like a miniaturised eerie motion plot which is expressed sonically. One of the ingredients of the formula are undoubtedly simmering psychedelic flickers which in turn are a consequence of improvised sounds. On the other side, many sounds are orchestrated in a way giving the whole a more dynamic and panoramic flow, of course, done on its own terms. Sometimes the aforementioned sonic motes are coated with gentle, exquisite drones which used to flow and hover atop to mesmerise the listener. It could be said Keifer takes on recognized elements of music yet changing it in his own way which eventually result in something very idiosyncratic and original. It could be assumed he takes on piano and classical music which ultimately comes out not being an ordinary example of the styles. It is something far more stylistically, it is somewhat more emotionally to provide much pleasure to the listener. Afford it for yourselves.                   
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