Saturday, February 13, 2016

Various Artists - Hi-Five! EardrumsPop's 5 Year Anniversary Compilation (2015)

  • Indie pop/rock
  • Jangle pop
  • Shoegaze
  • Alternative pop/rock
  • Twee pop

Comment: if you want to get the overdose of indie/alternative pop music then listen to this magnum opus by EardrumsPop which contains 38 tracks in total. Of course, the term “indie music” says nothing about it because so different genres and styles have been incorporated into it over many years and even decades. By that it might even be tautological to describe musically contemporary pop music as indie/alternative pop. Furthermore, the scheme could be even fuzzier by considering that not only mainstream music did loan from alternative/indie pop but vice versa either. If earlier the term stands for small independent imprints being separated from mainstream labels then later these imprints got sold by the latter ones. Later on, such instances as weblabels,, Free Music Archive, lastfm had been a home for indie music and today Bandcamp as a growing platform is getting more and more recognized to represent a genuine idea of independent distribution as to indie/alternative pop. However, EardrumsPop artists` roots mainly come out of the 80s jangle and twee pop (mainly they were the C86 compilation related artists) music which resorted to ironically naïve and thereby elegantly self-confident attitudes within the indie music scene thereby conveying a lot of viable impetuses to the style to get evolved into something powerfully flourishing and beautiful. There are represented such artists as The Marble Man, Tomiji, Lost Tapes, Vukovar, Making Marks, Ralegh Long, Uncle Rico, The Paris Work-In, Monster Bobby, The Just Joans, Are You Feverish Ian?, The Royal Landscaping Society, Marc Elston, Ceremonies, Shekon, The Lost Cavalry, Finnmark!, The Pinefox, Kids On Bikes, Boyish, A Little Orchestra, Sleeping Policemen, Tiny Fireflies, The Color Waves, The Swapsies, Evripidis and his tragedies, L & M Kingsize, Cape Canareval, Laura K, The Very Most, Helena Sundin, Niko Niko!, Antony Harding, Colin & The Clarys, les bicyclettes de Belsize, Onward Chariots, and Little xs for Eyes. Most of those artists are already familiar for those who have enjoyed previous issues under EardrumsPop. Happy birthday, EardrumsPop.
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