Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Plastik Kettle – New Horizons EP (2011)

  • Alternative pop
  • Electro pop
  • Robot pop
  • Electronic pop
  • Synth pop

Comment: The Sardinia, Italy-residing musicians Alessandro Pintus & Corrado Caocci have said they are inspired by the universe of robots and their profound passion for the synthesizers. By watching the title of their first issue Our Toys Are Better Than Yours (2007, Elpa) the duo`s statement gets cemented further. Their sophomore issue New Horizons EP proves also that the music of Italian combo is a highly subtle undertake on robots and electronic keyboards. The flow is iridescent due to warped yet graceful vocals and elegantly bouncing electronic rhythms full of (artificial) solar rays and organic synth templates. In a word, if this issue were a part of the discography of a well-known artist it would be widely recognized. The issue is a solid notch in the discography of the Latvian imprint Elpa music.
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