Monday, February 15, 2016

KFC Murder Chicks – Golden Age Of Cross Mystery (2014)

  • Ambient
  • Breakcore
  • Avant-electro
  • Industrial hip-hop
  • Noise-electro
  • Avant-hop
  • Experimental hip-hop
  • Bhangra
  • Electro-clash

Comment: As the artist`s name suggests music oozing out from this 5-track release must be frenzied and noisy. It might be even thoroughly frenzied and noisy. Indeed, it is true, it is downrightly true because all of that used to rely on squelching yet exquisitely craved bass thumping which works out like the black hole by those three chicks named as Stella, Beatrice, and Stephanie. Stylistically it is hopelessly puzzling to categorize it because of loaning influences from different places and slots. Furthermore, as a result it is an example of sophisticated and elaborated synthesis where one could discern to be somehow familiar with and on the other side all of that seems to be fairly new to refresh and inspire your mind and soul, respectively. As a result, it is both exploratory and entertaining, being at times funny and amusing, being at times elegantly aggressive and violent. Maybe it is a sort of hip-hop, maybe it is a stoned version of bhangra. Is it a glowering version of electro-clash at the time the electro-clash as a style is already dead? It might be. Those bold and rough clusters of electro-hop rhythms, some high-pitched vignettes and fast lyrics reciting constitute the quintessence of the outing. However, the only exception is Making Up For That where the artist enters into the sinister realm of dark ambient music which is a plateau for elusive ghosts and ominous apparitions. Indeed, by listening to the track it makes me to startle about how the trio in liaison with their producer DJ Rozwell could be so versatile to be able to drift between different genres in such organic way. All in all, it could be admitted to be an outstanding poltergeist induced issue. Thank you, KFC Murder Chicks, thank you, cOmaRecOrdz!           
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